DIYin’ Photos

I always, always go back and forth on whether to HIRE someone to take pictures of me (and now the family), or to take them myself. And before all the professional photographers start hating on me, I’ve done both and have both loved and hated (at different times) the results. My wedding photos… I still LOVE. Leigh doesn’t do weddings anymore, but she does still shoot, and her eye is phenomenal! I had professional picture taken of Ajax, and I’m not sure I used them…

But here’s my hold up… I don’t call myself a professional photographer, but I know what frame I’m looking for when shooting, even if it’s shooting myself with a self-timer. And with the exception of that one time when I tried to put my family in a hay field, at dusk (aka – past Ajax’s bedtime) and my husband’s face got all blotchy from a reaction to the hay… I’ve always managed to get a photo or two that I’m happy with. It doesn’t hurt that my husband isn’t half bad with a camera either. I usually tell him the shot I want and eventually, we get it. Like I said, not professional, but we get there.

That being said, it is much harder to get the shot I want when I’m trying to be in the picture. Especially now, with a toddler. My perfect scenario is when a friend comes along, one that understand a little about photos and has a decent eye, and I can direct the shoot while still having someone else take the pictures. Is all of this about my need for control?! Am I basically ruining my chances of working with an actual, professional photographer by saying that?

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do once this little guy is here. I know I can get pictures of him, and probably pictures of Ajax with him. But if I try to throw myself and husband into the photo, it might just be worth it to hire someone to avoid the absolute chaos that would most likely ensue.

Do you take your own photos? Do you have a photographer that you just LOVE?
Or, do you sometimes take your own and sometimes hire that one photographer you love, depending on what photos you’re trying to get?